Silicon Valley : Health 2.0

October 1, 2013 ..Presentation after presentation of apps and technology-based devices designed to help manage health. I aim to be there next year with BestEndings Mobile App. 

Even with out a tech solution to dazzle, I was interviewed by Dr Pat Salber producer of The Doctor Weighs In

with this lovely intro by Gregg Masters @2healthguru:

Kathy Kastner sporting her ‘death kills’ T-shirt is a humble, though inquisitive force of nature who describes herself as follows:

I’m just a regular gal who found myself pondering what I did and didn’t know about:

  • my own anxieties about dying (not about death, mind you, but about my life until The End)
  • what happens when I’m (in the process of) dying
  • my knowledge of ‘options’ while I’m still alive
  • my understanding of those options and their risks

I figure I’m not alone, and that:

  • I’m learning about aging as I’m in the process, but I don’t want to be learning about dying as I’m in the process
  • my learning process may help others
  • I can learn so much from others