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There’s so much to think about and to consider when making end of life health wishes. It can be confusing and overwhelming. Here are some tools and resources to help.

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Virtual Coaching for End of Life Planning Conversations : watch short video⇒

Canadian Virtual Hospice

Decision Aids

surgical risk calculator

Northwestern University Plan your Lifespan tool

Plan your lifespan: tool from Northwestern University

Katie McCurdy pictal health

Video series

Advance Directives are a real ‘pay it forward’



1. Managing Pain: :12 minutes

2. Overcoming Depression: 12 minutes

3. Medication Safety: 7 minutes

4. Eating and Aging: 4 minutes

5. Talking about dying: 5-part series, 5 minutes each

6. 10-second MedSchool:  5 videos 15 seconds each


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