Medical Decisions

As life winds down–whether over years, months, weeks or days–there may be medical  decisions to be made.

3 things to bear in mind:

  1. It’s often hard to know which is the right decision
  2. Even the decisions considered ‘right’ can have unexpected results.
  3. For some, the ‘right’ decision – after learning the risks and benefits of medical options – is the decision not to do anything.

Dying is a learning ‘process’

When it comes to learning and talking about the future, accepting ‘the end’ is a process; for others, straight-forward answers are what’s needed for questions like:

  • “Is there anything else that can be done to make me better?”
  • “Am I dying?”

Whichever you feel you are, congratulations on taking this ‘step’ in the journey towards making your BestEndings plan. Choose your own path. Here are some topics to start: