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10 ways to think creatively

10 ways to think creatively

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What if what you want until you die can’t be done exactly as you imagined?

Consider it an opportunity for creative thinking. 

No ocean in sight?

  1. Make an ocean sounds playlist
  2. Ocean pictures: on the wall or on a digital photo album
  3. Video the beach and ocean, make a loop
  4. Virtual reality
  5. Ocean simulator game
  6. Create a mini beach scene: sand, a cocktail umbrella
  7. Make a Japanese sand garden
  8. Books about the ocean
  9. Make the most of an opportunity: the ambulance driver made a pit stop at the beach, for a last visit
  10. Find a sympathetic accomplice: a nurse broke the rules: she wheeled her patient to a balcony where he could see the ocean, have a smoke and a glass of wine


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